Every Selfie Has Its Story

   2014 full of amaaaaaaazzziing moment, lot of new exprience, and all of that awwweeesooommee moment, i summarize in this post "Every Selfie Has Its Story".

Januari 2014

It's my first trip to Bromo, together with my friend "Bety" we're rockin! :D
Read my story to Bromo in Here. :)
February 2014

It was the busiest month of the year. It was the month when me and my dance team gave all of the effort that we can for our diplomation mission in Malaysia. Almost everyday coming home late, i was such as a bad in managing time at that time. I only have a few time to study, i don't know how my bedroom looks in this month, i was sure it must be messy, and of course my GPA in 2nd Semester is not as good as in 1st semester.

Maret 2014

It's my first time to go abroad! I was so excited at that time, and it was not only for having fun but there was a mission why we went to Malaysia; introducing indonesia's culture to foreigner. Read my history about it in Here

April 2014

Girls Day Out Parkour Indonesia, finally i can meet up with other female parkour practicioner After 2 years i'm off from any parkour events. That was my second GDO after first GDO PKID in Bandung 2011. I was so excited because i can meet someone who i really want to see her in person, she's Nurul a.k.a Sukasayur a.k.a Sayurbening, and also the trip from Jogja to Jakarta was special with Mba Sonya and Natalie.

Mei 2014

I love this month, why? i was born in this month! yeay. In my 20th Birthday i celebrated with my pals in Jumpalitan and my classmates. :D

June 2014

June, that month i've spend a lot with Mbak Sonya and Natalie since we know that Natalie will come back to her hometown very soon, we used our precious time to made some great memory; Slept over, baked cookies, and of course parkour. I miss you girls :)

July 2014

TADAIMA ! ただいま!yeah, Holiday, Ramadhan Month. It's time to spend the precious time with family, and of course with GOD. It's always nice to be at home.

August 2014

This month is the second busiest month in 2014 for me, I was the comittee in PPSMB Palapa 2014 as Co-Fascilitator, being CoFas is really a good exprience for me, i can meet so many great people in here. I have to woke up in very early morning and leave Kos before subuh, after maghrib i have to practicied with my dance team to performed in PPSMB FIB, i feel like i don't have energy anymore to move my legs and hands to dance, and when i arrived in  my bedroom i even haven't changed my clothes, just go to sleep.

September 2014

Finally there's a month that i can really really relax, enjoying the time of being a real human. :p

Oktober 2014

This the the third busiest month of the year cause i was the comittee in Workshop that held by Himpunan Mahasiswa Diploma Jepang (HIMADIJE). It was really though, you know what? because this is the first time i became a leader in an event. It was not only my body felt tired but also my mind, i almost go crazy with all of this shit. :(

November 2014

I took radio announcer training in Swaragama FM. Being a radio announcer is my dream since i was in elementry school. So, when i found out that there's a training in basic radio announcer i didn't think twice to took this training, it's really a good opportunity for me to develop my skill to be an announcer.

December 2014

I went to Candi Sambisari with friends by bicycle as my last trip in 2014.

P.S i'm not native english speaker, so, i aplogize if you find something error in my sentences.

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